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Highest quality materials provide highest quality products

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Project delivery support

Amokabel can offer full assistance in all projects, from the planning stage to after-sales.

For instance:

  • Delivery of all materials as per project-specific requirements

  • Supply of specific drum lengths, labeled with pole references

  • Delivery of all materials, tooling and conductors in kit form

  • Definition of arc protection requirements, accessories and integration with existing network

  • Training and education for contractors, engineers and project managers

  • Supervision during installation

Training camp

At our unique state-of-the-art 20 000 m2 training facility we offer a wide range of airborne energy distribution solutions as well as various variants of transformer stations, all conveniently reachable without the need for climbing. Adjacent to the training camp, we have our own accommodation for visitors as well the factory welcoming you to see our production of covered conductors.

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Designers seminars

Introducing CC


Specifications & Design

- Technical Standards

- Construction Options (Crossarms and Insulators) 

- Stringing

- Lightning & Vibration Protection

- Case Studies

Lineworkers seminar

Introducing CC

Associated Accessories 

Installation Requirements

- Hauling and Straining

- Equipment

- Earthing/Access

Practical Demonstration

“Installation of Amokabel CC is almost identical to stringing bare conductor”

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