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Amokabel is the Swedish-based global leader in developing and manufacturing strong, light-weight, reliable Covered Conductor for new powerline installations and replacing existing overhead power- lines.

Amokabel is a lean organization with a strong team spirit that strives to provide our customers with the best possible service. Our facility is state-of-the-art and our production is designed to accommodate quick changes, which enables flexibility and short lead times. Continuous improvement is integrated in our operations philosophy and we strive to conserve resources while producing high quality products.


Availability, efficiency and flexibility are key words in our daily business. Everyone in our organization has a high focus on the customer. Satisfied customers are the most important sign of quality!


Our Vision

Our vision is to innovate, design and produce cables today that meet the needs of tomorrow.

We work closely with our customers to tailor solutions and find the right cable for the right application or system. Our broad experience and technical expertise together with state-of-the-art production has enabled us to become the leading global manufacturer of Covered Conductor systems.

At Amokabel, we are strongly committed to a sustainable world. Through large investments in solar, wind and hydro power generation, we produce more green electricity than we consume. We are the only cable manufacturer in the world to run solely on its own renewable energy.

Our environmental footprint 

Since 2004, amokabel has a stated strategy of producing as much renewable energy as the factory consumes. We started by buying two hydropower stations and then supplemented with wind turbines and PV roof on our factory. We have a clear objective to maintain our position as the environmental leader in our business and as the factory grows, so does our green power generation.



amokabel works for responsible business operations, which means that we are constantly aware of how the company affects society and the environment. The environmental policy for our operations consists of constantly striving for improvement activities in order to contribute to positive effects for both the local environment and the world in general.

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